Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ah Ha!

I recently had another "ah ha" moment that I wanted to share with you all. I need to give a small commentary before the actual moment so hang in here a minute while I do that.
When you lose a lot of weight rapidly after you gain a lot of weight over time you end up with some "squishy" or jiggly parts. Maybe your belly or your arms or thighs or whatever. You can get really hung up about those parts if you're not careful. I mean your super happy to be healthier and thinner, but you're also self conscious about those parts.

Then one day, your kid needs intense snuggling so she sits glued to your side and after a while you notice that she is pinching your jiggly arm repetitively. At first you may be a little freaked but you contain yourself and ask what she's doing and she says she petting you and then she actively wiggles your jiggly arm and smiles big. And then you really have to contain yourself and not jump off the couch to go check out how jiggly your arm is. And then she says, with sincere little kid honesty, "this part of you makes me happy". And then your other kid pipes up and says "yeah- like your squishy belly". It's really soft and I love it." And then you either 1. Go take a xanax and hide in the closet or 2. Have an aha moment of self love and smile because your kids are cool and find love and comfort from parts of you that up until that moment made you feel anxious. 
It was a close call, but I chose the Ah ha moment.

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